Decibel Insight

Comments and Mentions

The Comments Report shows you all of the Session Replay comments that you have made along with any comments that you have been mentioned in.

This report can be accessed by clicking the relevant number under the Comments and Mentions headings within the My Activity section of the Dashboard.

Clicking Comments will take you to a list of all of the comments that you have made within Session Replays, while clicking Mentions will show you all of the unread comments in which you have been mentioned. You can find out more about how to mention someone in a Session Replay Comment here. The Comments Report will show you information on the session, along with the Comment in question, the user who commented, and the date of the comment.

Clicking the Play icon will play the replay from the point of the comment, and will also mark the comment or mention as Read, while clicking the blue arrow will show you the Session Details for the replay in question.

Viewing Comments by Date

To filter the Comments Report by Date, simply select the Segment dropdown, before selecting a relevant date range and clicking Apply Changes.

Applying Filters to Comments and Mentions

To apply Filters to the Comments Report, simply select the Filters dropdown. This allows you to search for any text within a comment using the Search text box. You can also filter by Read and Unread comments using the Status dropdown, while you can also view comments by other users by un-ticking the "Show my comments only" and "Show my mentions only" checkboxes. Once happy, click Apply changes.

Marking Comments as Read and Unread

To mark a comment as Read or Unread, simply select the checkbox next to the relevant session before clicking the "Mark as read" or "Mark as unread" button, depending on the current status of the comment.