Decibel Insight

Page Discovery

Data within Decibel Insight is usually organized at the session level. By contrast, Page Discovery presents data at the page level. This means, rather than seeing metrics that correspond to the entire session of a particular segment of users, you can now analyze them according to specific website pages. Slicing the data from this angle opens up a new world of opportunities for honing in on problem areas of your website.

To access Page Discovery, click Discover on Decibel’s left-hand navigation panel, then click Page Discovery.

The default dashboard (above) shows the total number of unique pages that Decibel has tracked on your website, as well as the total number of pageviews. It also surfaces a metrics dashboard that functions similarly to the segment detail dashboard, with four tabs to organize the metrics available: behaviors, interaction, errors, and pageview.

The metrics displayed show the total and averages across every page tracked by Decibel. By clicking on a particular metric, you’ll generate a ranking of pages on which the metric is most frequent or prominent. Hovering over the tooltip next to each metric will provide more information about the respective metric.

Clicking on focus time in the Decibel Insight account, for example, presents a list of website pages ranked by those with the highest average focus time (above). For each page, the list displays the total number of page views and the average focus time.

Clicking through to an individual page from the ranked list using the blue arrow shows the full breakdown of metrics for that page, similar to the segment detail report, and allows you to click straight through to associated Session Replays and Heatmaps for that page, too.