Decibel Insight

Applying Filters to Page Discovery

As with any feature in the Decibel App, Page Discovery can be filtered by any and all segments you have created. Simply click the Filters dropdown to display the Filters menu. Once happy with your selection, click Apply Changes.

Applying Segments to Page Discovery

From the Filters dropdown, you will be presented with the Segment dropdown, which allows you to select any Segment or Funnel step that you have created in Decibel Insight, along with any Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics segments that have been passed as part of our integrations. You can also create and edit Segments by clicking the New and Edit buttons respectively. Once happy, click Apply changes.

Filtering Page Discovery by URL

Within the Filters dropdown, you can use the Page search to filter the Page Discovery report by a particular URL. Simply begin typing the URL path, which will bring up a search box matching the text input in the Page Search. Select the page URL which you wish to use and then click Apply changes. You can only use one URL per search.

Filtering Page Discovery by Device Type

You can also filter the Page Discovery report by Mobile, Desktop and Tablet by using the Device type dropdown. Simply select your desired device type and click Apply changes.