Decibel Insight

Exporting Heatmap Sessions

Session data within Boundary Mode can be exported as a CSV file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel. This will show all of the session data on display when using Boundary Mode.

To begin, you will need to use Boundary Mode to view the Sessions of users who click/hover on a particular area or element on a page, or who scroll to a particular section of the page. More information on Boundary Mode within relevant Heatmaps can be found below:

Once viewing the Sessions list, click the Export dropdown from the top bar, before clicking the Export as CSV button. The download will then be prepared in the Recent exports with "Pending" displayed under Action. Once this file is ready for download, the status will change and a Download, Edit and Delete icon will appear.

Recent exports will appear in the above list, while all Exports can be seen in Archives, which can be found by clicking Archive from the left hand menu, or clicking the Show archive button within export.