Decibel Insight

Form Discovery

Form Discovery allows you to drill down to the performance of all of the Forms present within your property.

To access Form Discovery, click Discover on Decibel’s left-hand navigation panel, then click Form Discovery.

This surfaces a metrics dashboard that functions similarly to the Page Discovery dashboard, with our Form metrics aggregated for all of the Forms within your property.

The metrics displayed show the total and averages across every Form tracked by Decibel. By clicking on a particular metric, you’ll generate a ranking of Forms on which the metric is most frequent or prominent.

Clicking on abandonment rate in the Decibel account, for example, presents a list of Forms ranked by those with the highest abandonment rate (above). For each Form, the list displays the total number of interactions and the abandonment rate percentage.

Clicking through to an individual Form from the ranked list using the blue arrow shows the full breakdown of metrics for that Form and allows you to click straight through to associated Session Replays for any underlined metrics.