Decibel Insight

Subscribing to Alerts

To receive alerts when they are created, you will need to ensure that you, or the relevant user that wishes to receive them, is subscribed to the alert in question.

To subscribe to Alerts, simply select the blue arrow next to the relevant Alert that you wish to subscribe to from the Alerts dashboard. Now select the Subscription dropdown, as shown in the image below.

Once open, you will see a list of subscribers in the relevant text field, and you can type a name into this to search for a particular user, or users. Once added, click the Save subscription button. If you have the Slack integration enabled, you will also be able to configure this to be able to send Alerts to Slack from this menu. More information on this can be found below.

Sending Alerts to Slack

If you have the Slack integration enabled, you will be able to send alerts to users or channels within Slack. Follow the steps above to get to the Subscription menu in the relevant alerts that you wish to send to Slack, where you will need to tick the Send with Slack option, as seen in the below image.

If you have configured the integration to use Webhooks, you can simply add the Webhook URL into the Channel URL text field before clicking Save subscription.

If the integration has been configured using Web API, you will be presented with a Channel dropdown, where you can select the relevant Slack channel that you wish to send alerts to, before clicking Save subscription.