Decibel Insight

Opentext Optimost

The Opentext Optimost integration allows experiments performed on a property to be captured and segmented in Decibel. When applying segments which contain Optimost variants as a filter to Heatmaps, creatives for a variant will be triggered to allow precise evaluation of an experiment.

Enabling the Optimost Integration

To enable this option, simply navigate to Settings > Integrations > Split Testing > Optimost and tick the Opentext Optimost Enabled checkbox, before clicking Save. You will then need to contact your Opentext Optimost account manager to finalise the integration, before Decibel will begin to collect Optimost variations on pages where both Optimost and Decibel are present.

Please note: The Opentext Optimost integration does not work retroactively as it requires us to collect and aggregate the variations each time the script is fired.

Using Opentext Optimost Variations

Upon collecting Opentext Optimost variations, you can begin to use these by creating Segments based on them.

When creating a segment, in Segment Filters, click on the Integrations tab and navigate to Optimost variation and use the text box to search for an experience, such as in the image below.

Upon creating the segment, you can begin to filter Sessions, Heatmaps, Forms and other features in Decibel based on those users who have viewed that particular variation.

Using Optimost Variations in Heatmaps

When using Heatmaps, you can very easily segment by a variation to see how it was performing. Simply create a segment that contains an Optimost variation and then browse to the page that contains that variation in Heatmaps. Simply click the Filters dropdown and select the Segment that contains the variation before clicking Apply changes and you will see the page change to the layout of the variation, while also filtering by users who saw this variation.