Decibel Insight

Aggregate Heatmaps

In some cases, it is desirable to analyse on-page activity aggregated across a number of pages, rather than on an individual page-by-page level. An example of this could be to analyse the performance of a product page template used across multiple products on a website. With Aggregate Heatmaps, a segment containing the required product pages can be created, after which all relevant heatmap data will be rendered onto a single product page template.

To generate an Aggregate Heatmap, you will either need to use Page Roles or create a Segment that contains the pages that will be included in the heatmap. Segments that can be used to generate Aggregate Heatmaps must contain at least one Page title or Pages viewed Filter criteria.

To view Aggregate Heatmaps, click the Segments header and select Aggregate, then select the Page Role or Segment created in the previous step. Upon clicking Apply changes, data from all of the listed pages will be aggregated and displayed as a Heatmap.