Decibel Insight

Page Groups

Page Groups are a way of grouping pages together and allow you to analyse on-page activity aggregated across a number of pages, rather than on an individual page-by-page level. 

Page Groups can be accessed by going to Settings > Page Groups, which can be found under the Property Settings heading.

To create a Page Group, simply click Add Page Group, provide this Group with a name which will be used throughout the platform, before either selecting a Page Role or Regex from the Type dropdown.

You also have the ability to create Page Groups based on Data Layer values within Data Layer Management.

If selecting Page Role, simply select the relevant role from the Role dropdown that will appear, or if selecting Regex, you will need to enter a valid regex statement in the Regex text field that would group together URL paths, the Regex does not take into account query or fragments. Upon selecting the Role or entering a Regex, you will be presented with a list of the pages that will be included in the Page Group, such as in the image below.

This can then be used in Aggregate Heatmaps, Funnels and Segments which, in turn, can be to filter any report where Segments can be used.