Decibel Insight


Annotations allow certain events that may impact metrics to be highlighted within reports, with a description of the change shown when hovering over the annotation. Certain events are automatically logged (including configuration changes like sample rates and underlying DXS algorithm changes), while you are able to manually create annotations at any time in the Annotations Dashboard by going to Settings > Annotations from the left hand menu. These could be used to mark important events such as a website redesign or the start of test.

Please note, Annotations are only available to users with Administrator privileges.

Creating Annotations

To create Annotations, simply head to the Annotations dashboard and click the Add Annotation button.

From here, you can add the relevant date of the Annotation along with a description that will be used on the relevant graphs, along with the ability to share this annotation with other users of the account. Once complete, click the Save Annotation button.

Upon creation, you will be able to see the Annotation in appropriate metric graphs, such as in the below image which is taken from the Segment details. Simply hover over an Annotation line to see more details.