Decibel Insight

AT Internet

Our AT Internet integration allows you to pull through segments created in AT Internet and use them in Decibel in the same way you would use segments created in the portal. You can segment Sessions and Session Replays, Heatmaps, Forms and much more.

To configure the AT Internet integration, you will first need to complete the instructions as per the AT Internet Installation Guide which can be found here: 

To then configure the integration in Decibel, go to Settings > Integrations within the Decibel portal, where you will be presented with a screen such as the below.

From here, you will need to add a Custom Variable ID that will need to be created in AT Internet to allow Decibel to pass our Session ID, along with adding your AT Internet Site ID.

As well as this, you will also need to add all of the AT Internet Segment IDs that you want to pull through into Decibel. These need to be added individually, selecting the Add button after adding each one, before clicking Save once complete.