Decibel Insight


Decibel Insight’s role-based access control allows you to specify roles for specific user groups. Multiple roles can be defined for different types of users of your account.

Roles can be access by going to Settings > Roles from the left-hand menu.

Creating Roles

Roles can be very easily created by clicking the Add Role button, where you will be presented with the following menu. You will be required to add the name of the Role that you want to create along with assigning the various permissions that this group will be permitted. You can also specify which properties this Role will be able to have access to. Once happy, click Save Role.

Please note: It is not necessary to create an Administrator role as this is always present when adding a user.


The Administrator role provides access to administration functionality including the creation and configuration of properties and user accounts.

Users can be assigned the following permissions:

Assigning Roles

You can very easily assign roles when creating or editing users. In the Users options, you can simply select the Role drop-down, where your created Roles will appear, along with Administrator and Custom, which refers to a Custom set of permissions for a particular user.

Editing Roles

Roles can be edited at any time by clicking the Edit icon next to the relevant role. You will be presented with the same menu that is displayed when creating a role. Once happy, click Save Role.

Please note: Updating a Role that users belong to will also update the permissions of those users.

Deleting Roles

You can delete Roles at any time by simply clicking the Delete icon next to the relevant Role.

Please note: You will not be able to delete a Role if there are users who have that particular Role assigned to them. You will need to update the users and assign them another Role.