Decibel Insight

Testing Implementation Using the Decibel Browser Extension

We understand the importance of testing during a Decibel implementation, which is why our Google Chrome extension allows you to view successful API calls and their contents within the browser console.

Our extension can be installed from the Chrome Web Store here, or alternatively, you will be prompted to install the extension if you visit the Heatmaps section of the Decibel portal.

You will now need to configure the extension to allow logging. Once installed, right click on the Decibel extension icon in your browser and select Options, or alternatively, you can locate the extension in chrome://extensions, select Details and then Extension Options.

You will then be prompted with a pop-up such as the following. Ensure that you have Logging Enabled ticked, along with all sub-options, as shown in the image below.

With the above configured, you will now need to ensure that you are logged into the Decibel platform at all times in the same browser session during testing for the extension to be able to successfully log to the console.

Where appropriate, Decibel have provided information on testing successful implementation of features within our knowledgebase. These can be found under the Testing sub-heading of the relevant implementation sections.