Decibel Insight

Google Two-Factor Authentication

Decibel Insight now allows you to enable two-factor authentication on your account with a single click, providing an additional layer of security for your data.

Enabling Google 2FA

To enable Google 2FA, simply navigate to Settings > Security. Under Authentication Providers, select Google 2FA and then ensure the checkbox for Google 2FA Enabled is ticked, before clicking Save.

Please note: Once enabled, all users with access to the account will be required to configure and use two-factor authentication.

Using Google 2FA

You will then need to download the Google Authenticator app, or Microsoft Authenticator on Windows phones, onto your mobile device upon your next login to the app. Upon your first login after configuring 2FA, having typed in your username and password, you will be presented with the following screen to configure 2-factor authentication.

From your Google/Microsoft Authenticator app, you will need to either scan the barcode that you are presented with, or enter the Secret Key that you are shown in the Decibel Insight login screen. Once done, you will be presented with a six digit verification code in Google/Microsoft Authenticator that you will need to enter in the Verification Code field before clicking Continue. This code will reset every thirty seconds.

Having configured this the first time, future logins will simply require your username and password, before asking you for a six digit verification code that can only be found in your Google/Microsoft Authenticator app.

Google 2FA Status

Administrators are able to view the status of the 2FA for users in the account. Navigate to Settings > Users and Access before clicking the Edit icon next to a relevant user and then selecting the 2FA tab, which will show you the status of their authentication.

If you see the below, with a red cross, then the user has not yet configured their Google 2FA.

Meanwhile, if a user has successfully configured their Google 2FA then the will display with a green tick such as below. You will also be able to Reset this configuration if required by clicking the relevant button. This will require the user to re-configure their authentication using the barcode or Secret Key to link to Google/Microsoft Authenticator.

Disabling Google 2FA

Google 2FA can be disabled at any time by navigating to Settings > Security and locating Google 2FA in the Authentication Providers list. Simply untick the Google 2FA Enabled checkbox before clicking Save.