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Our Qualtrics integration allows you to see which users have taken part in a Qualtrics survey.

Enabling the Qualtrics Integration

To enable this option, simply navigate to Settings > Integrations > VoC > Qualtrics and tick the Qualtrics Enabled checkbox, before clicking Save.

Please note: The Qualtrics integration does not work retroactively as it requires us to collect and aggregate the data each time the script is fired.

Using the Qualtrics Integration

Upon collecting Qualtrics surveys, you can begin to use these by creating Segments based on them.

When creating a segment, in Segment Filters, click on the Integrations tab and navigate to Qualtrics Survey and use the drop down to select Offered, Accepted, Completed or Abandoned, such as in the image below.

Upon creating the segment, you can begin to filter Sessions, Heatmaps, Forms and other features in Decibel Insight based on those users who have or have not taken part in a Qualtrics survey.

Access Session Replays Directly From Qualtrics

The Decibel Session ID should be stored alongside a Qualtrics Survey using the embedded data functionality provided by Qualtrics.

On any Action, click "Options" then "Embedded Data"

Click Add Embedded Data.

Enter a name of the Embedded Data value, in this case disessionid.

Select “Value from JavaScript” for the Embedded Data value.

Insert the below JavaScript which will retrieve the Decibel Session ID from the user’s session.

if(typeof decibelInsight === 'function' && decibelInsight.isCollecting())decibelInsight.getSessionId()

Segment in Decibel by Qualtrics survey responses

Often, it is desirable to be able to use Decibel’s advanced segmentation on survey responses, particularly when leveraging Retention Sampling. Segmentation in Decibel provides some powerful features, including:


How to setup in Decibel

How to Setup in Qualtrics

  1. Edit the Survey Flow in Qualtrics
  2. Add a Web Service Element. You will need to ensure that you also have an Embedded Data Element at the start of your flow
  3. Edit the Web Service Element as follows:
    1. Use the following URL (Enterprise clients have dedicated API hosts, please reach out to your CSM or SE for the exact details):
    2. Set the Method to POST
    3. Add a Query Parameter called ‘id’ and set the value as the DI_SID from your Embedded Data
    4. Set the Body Parameters to ‘application/json
    5. Add any Custom Dimensions you created in Decibel and set the values from the surveyresponses, as required.
    6. Lastly, check the box that says Fire and Forget

  4. Your completed Web Service Element should look as follows:

  5. Save your Flow.

Add Replay Links to Qualtrics Slack Task Notifications

For those clients who make use of the Qualtrics Slack Task integration, you may add a link to the Decibel replay in your notifications by editing the Task and adding the DI_SID embedded data, that we added in the earlier section, as Piped Text in the message, as shown below:[SessionId]

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