Decibel Insight

Logging In

You can access the Decibel portal at any time by navigating to and clicking the Login button in the top right corner, such as in the image below. Alternatively, if you have the Decibel Browser Extension installed, you can simply click the Decibel logo in the top right of your browser at any time to open the Decibel portal in a new tab.

If you are a new user to Decibel and logging in for the first time, you are advised to read the First Time Login article.

Alternatively, you can navigate directly to where you will be presented with the following login screen:

If your account uses Two-Factor Authentication, you will be presented with a further screen to verify your login, while if you use an alternative Security integration, your login URL may be different to the one provided above. You can find out more about Authentication options here.

If you have trouble accessing the portal, you can reset your password, or contact Decibel at any time by emailing