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My Activity & Subscription

My Activity

The My Activity section of the Dashboard provides a summary of your account and allows you to quickly access parts of the app to find Segments, Funnels or Archives that you have created. Simply click on the relevant number below each feature (i.e. Segments, Funnels etc.) to be taken to the relevant part of the application, which will be filtered only by those that you have created. For example, clicking the number under Segments will take you to the Segments dashboard, which will be filtered by the Segments that you have created.

You are also able to see all of the Session Replays that you have favorited, along with any Session Replay Comments you have made, or comments that you have been mentioned in. Clicking the numbers below these will take you to the Comments Report.


This can be seen in the top right corner of the Dashboard under the Subscription and displays your current package, the number of data credits available each month, along with the day that this allowance runs until. Below this, you can see the percentage of data credits that have been tracked in this period, along with the percentage for the selected property’s allowance (if capped).

Help and Support

Under Help and support, you can also access our Support section by clicking the Raise a ticket button, along with accessing the Knowledgebase by clicking the relevant button.

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