Decibel Insight

Sessions Dashboard

The Sessions dashboard displays all visitors and enables you to view Session Replays for these visitors. You can also create and apply segments to locate specific visitors, while the data is sorted by most recent visit by default.

The sessions dashboard shows the following data for each visitor:

Session: Displays the session’s IP address (depending on your IP Address Handling choice in Privacy Settings) or ISP, along with their location. The green line below indicates the level of engagement for this particular visitor across all of their sessions. This will also display a User ID if one has been passed on, find out more about passing User IDs here. Icons will also be shown if this session has been Favourited, Commented, or Tagged. Hover your mouse over the icons to show who performed this action and when.

Device: The icon will show the device type (i.e. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) that the user visited the site on, while hovering over it will display the device name, operating system and browser.

From: Displays the flag of the country that the visit occurred from. If you are unsure of the flag, you can hover over it to see the country name.

Channel: Shows the channel that the visitor came from (e.g. Google PPC, Twitter etc.). Direct means that they came directly to the website (i.e. typed in the URL), while Referrer means they clicked a link on another website, and will show a link to the website that the user came from. Decibel Insight allows users to create Custom Channels.

Pages: Displays the number of pages viewed by the visitor in the session.

Focus Time: This is the amount of time that the website was in focus in the visitor’s browser. Different to duration, Focus Time is defined by the amount of time that the website is the main window on the main screen of the user (i.e. if a user goes to a different tab, or a different program, this is not counted towards focus time, and is instead attributed towards duration).

Status: Identified, Engaged, Qualified, Converted, Lost. Statuses can be set based on goals (i.e. if a user achieves a particular goal, this will change their status).

Goals/Value: Shows if the visitor achieved any goals, and whether these goals had any value attached to them. Find out more about creating goals and adding values here.

Errors: If this icon is blue, JavaScript Errors occurred during the visit. Click on the icon to open the Details dropdown, which will show what page the error was occurred on. This icon can then be clicked to display information about the error itself, and in some cases the location of the error in the website’s JavaScript. If this icon is grey, this is good news as there were no errors in the session. You can find out more detailed reports regarding JavaScript errors in our Reports feature.

Time: The date and time of the visit.

Actions: The blue arrow button opens the Details dropdown with more information about the session, while the Play button allows you to view the Session Replay for this visitor.

The blue line next to sessions represents the Session Replays that you have previously viewed.

F.A.Q. Why do some sessions have blue play buttons and others have grey play buttons?