Decibel Insight

Session Replays

Our video accurate replay shows all of the actions that a user does during their time on the site. Sessions Replays can be watched by clicking the Play button next to a session, which can be accessed from Sessions, Forms and Funnels.

All form input data in Session Replays is masked by default. You can set fields to be unmasked by configuring unmasking, while if there is any on-page PII that requires masking, this can be done by configuring masking

F.A.Q. Why does the replay have a faded white overlay?

Controls and Timeline

The blue bar along the top of the session replay shows the timeline of the replay. Darker blue represents time when the page was in focus, while lighter blue represents when the page was out of focus. As the journey plays, a blue gradient fills the bar to show the timeline moving, while red bars indicate a change of page, and the larger the size of the red bar, the longer the page took to load. If an orange bar appears, this means that a JavaScript error took place at this point in the session, you can hover over this to see the error. A yellow bar, meanwhile, indicates a comment has been made to the Session Replay at this point. You can click on the bar to be taken to the point of the replay where the comment was made. You can also now see which goals were achieved in a replay and at what point these were achieved. The goals are represented by a salmon bar on the timeline. You can hover over this to see the goal that was achieved. The dotted line represents occasions where the replay skips inactive periods. Finally, any behaviors collected during a session are represented by a green bar on the timeline.

The number of tabs that the user viewed the property on during their session is also displayed in the replay, with the highlighted tab being the one that they were viewing the current page in the replay on.

You will also be able to see the URL of the page currently being viewed in the URL bar. You can right-click on this to open the link in a new tab.

The Session Replay controls allow the user to navigate through replays with ease. The Previous and Next buttons take the user to the previous or following page of the replay, while the Play button can be used to play or pause a replay. Replays will play at normal speed by default but this can be increased/decreased by clicking the Speed button, shown as x2 in the image above.

The current zoom level of the replay is shown as a percentage, while the device type is represented by an icon.

You can also use the respective icons to Favorite, Comment and Share the replay.

Session Menu

The Session Replay Menu allows you to see all of the information required for the Session Replay that you are currently viewing. By default, the Events panel will be displayed when you first open a replay, however you can select the Hamburger menu next to Events (pictured above) to open the menu, where you will be presented with a number of options.

Event Stream

The Events panel shows you all of the user events that take place during the Session Replay. This will show you the actions that the user performed, the Page Number of the session along with which tab they were viewing the property from in their browser. The actions also show which time in the Session these actions were performed, with the most recent action being highlighted in blue as the Session progresses. You can click on any action at any time to skip to that particular action in the replay.

Resize refers to when the focus area was resized, focus lost refers to the user no longer focusing on the page (i.e. moved to another tab or window) and how long this happened for, while Focus returned refers to the user now returning to focus on the page. Click refers to any click the user makes on the page, while the Events panel also shows mouse scrolls (up and down) along with any form elements changing.

Any of the Events can be Filtered from the Events view by clicking the relevant icon next to Filters in the bottom left corner of the replay.

Session Details

The Session Details panel allows you to see all of the information about the visitor. This includes the Decibel Insight Session ID, the location of the visitor and their IP Address (depending on the choice of IP Handling in Privacy Settings). If User IDs have been configured, you will also see this in the Session Details list, and you can find out more about configuring User IDs here.

The ISP (Internet Service Provider) is displayed, along with the user's browser language, their device type (desktop, mobile or tablet), their OS (Operating System), Channel (Direct, Google PPC etc.), Browser, Screen Resolution. 

The number of tabs present in the user's browser is displayed, along with the number of pages viewed in the Session. Clicking the blue arrow next to this will show a list of these pages, along with the Wait Time, Duration and Focus Time of the selected page. Clicking the page title will take you to that page in the replay.

You can also find information around any Custom Dimensions that were passed during the session, along with the values of these Custom Dimensions.

Past Sessions

Past Sessions allow you to see past sessions from that particular visitor based on their cookies, and also any other sessions from the same IP address. In the Past Sessions panel, you will see both of these listed along with the relevant number of Sessions. Simply click the blue arrow next to the relevant option where you will be shown a list of these Sessions along with their relevant details. You can click the blue Play button to play this Session.

At the end of watching a Session Replay, if there is a Session that took place from the same visitor after the one you are watching, you will be able to click the Next Journey button to view this replay.


The Behaviors panel allows you to see any Behaviors that were collected during the Session. This will display the Page that they were collected on, along with the type of behavior and the duration of it. You can click the blue Play icon to jump to where the Behavior took place in the session, and can also click the respective agree or disagree icons if you do not agree with the behavior.


The Favorite panel allows you to favorite a Session Replay, or you can use the Favorite icon. You can find out more about Favoriting Session Replays here.


The Tags panel allows you to add any Tags to your replays. You can find out more about Session Replay Tagging here.


The Comments panel will display all of the relevant comments in a Session Replay, along with allowing you to skip to the time of the respective comment. You can find out more about adding Comments to Session Replays here.


The Share panel allows you to Share the respective Session Replay by email. You can find out more about sharing Session Replays here.

Download Source

The Download Source panel will allow you to Pause the Session Replay at any point and download the HTML source at the current time of the replay. Simply Pause your replay at a specific point, and then click the blue Download button.


The Options panel allows you to Configure the Session Replay, including the following options: