Decibel Insight

Viewing Heatmaps

Heatmaps can be viewed by simply clicking the Heatmaps button on the left hand side of the menu. These will load the last viewed Heatmap from the account, or if Heatmaps have not previously been viewed, they will display a Dot Heatmap showing data for the last three days. You can change the type of Heatmap that you want to view by clicking the Heatmap Type button, followed by the Heatmap of your choice, and then clicking Generate Heatmap. The Heatmap will then begin to load, and this will be displayed to the user in a progress bar.

When viewing Heatmaps with our Heatmap Helper Extension installed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, all of our Heatmaps are live, meaning they show the website as it currently is, while also allowing the user to navigate the website from within Decibel Insight. Just like you would on a live site, you can click links to go to different pages, and the Heatmap will update accordingly to the page that you are viewing. You can view previous versions of the page using the Live Mode Toggle.

You can also open the Heatmaps in a new window using the arrow icon in the top right hand corner, while you can also view two Heatmaps at the same time using Comparison Mode.

You can also navigate by using the Heatmap URL bar, where you can type in the full URL of the page that you want to view before clicking Go. The Heatmap URL bar will also suggest pages as you type, as you can see in the image above. If you have subdomains set up within a website, you can click the dropdown menu where it shows the main domain on your account and select another one here, while you can also choose which protocol to view the page under (http or https). You can also select to include a query or fragment in a URL to show just the data for the selected queries and fragments by selecting the query "?" icon or fragment "#" icon. These will become blue when selected, and you will then need to click Go to update the Heatmap.