Decibel Insight

Applying Filters to Heatmaps

There are a variety of ways in which a user can filter Heatmaps. By clicking the Segments header, you will be shown the following. You can select a Funnel or Segment from the Segment dropdown. Device type is set to Desktop by default, so will show the Heatmap at the full width of the users screen, while this can be changed to Tablet or Mobile, and these options will resize the Heatmap accordingly, along with the layout of the website if it changes on mobile or tablet. This will also change the number of clicks that will appear in the Heatmap, as Desktop, Mobile or Tablet Heatmaps will only show clicks that have taken place on the selected devices.

Once you have selected the appropriate Filtering, simply click Apply changes to generate the new Heatmap. It is also possible to generate Aggregate Heatmaps to combine data from more than one page into a single heatmap.