Decibel Insight

Applying Filters to Sessions

The filters dropdown enables the user to choose a number of different ways to look at the Sessions summary. You can filter by segments and funnels, select to hide users that bounce, select only visitors with a replay, select only visitors with a replay comment, select complete sessions only, or only show session replays that have been favorited.

You can filter by funnels and segments by using the Segment drop down, and these segments can be edited from here as well as creating new ones by clicking the appropriate buttons. Finally, you can also search by I.P. Address, User ID, Visitor ID, Session ID, UTM Source, Medium or Campaign, as well as any Custom Dimensions that you may have created. You can also search by Session Replay Tags along with Comments and Favourites Reason. If any Filters have been applied, the Filters button will show a grey line underneath it. Again, once happy, click Apply Changes.