Decibel Insight

HTTP Error Reporting

Our HTTP Error Reporting allows to you see which HTTP server errors are being seen by users most often over a particular time period. You can access this by going to Reports > HTTP Errors from the left hand menu.

The HTTP Errors dashboard shows you the number of errors that users have received on your property over the given time period, along with the error rate percentage, while the blue arrows can be hovered over to show a comparison compared to a previous time period.

To use HTTP Error reporting, you will first need to configure HTTP error tracking using the sendHTTPError JavaScript API end-point. More information on implementing this can be found in Configuring HTTP Server Error Tracking.

You can see which errors are most common on the property by clicking the blue arrow next to HTTP Errors. This will show the most common server errors that have occurred on the property, ordered by the most seen error. You can then view the list of Sessions where these errors occurred by clicking the blue arrow under actions next to the relative error that you want to see these Sessions for. From this list, you will also be able to see the Session Replays of these users by clicking the Play button.

You can also see which pages are most commonly directing users to errors by clicking the blue arrow next to Pages. This will then show the number of errors occurring per page, along with the error rate of each page. To see which errors are occurring on a particular page, click the blue arrow under actions. From here, you will see the list of errors that have occurred for that page, and you can see the list of Sessions that have experienced this error on the selected page by clicking the blue arrow relative to the error that you want to see Sessions for. From this list, you can view Session Replays by clicking the Play button next to a Session.

You can download the data of these reports at any time as a CSV or JSON file. More information can be found in Exporting Error Reports.