Decibel Insight

Favoriting Session Replays

The ability to Favorite Session Replays allows a user to retain Session Replays for the duration of the account beyond the usual retention period.

Favorites are limited by the amount purchased as part of your subscription, and you can see how much of your allocated allowance you are using in Archive Statistics.

Add To Favorites

This can be done from within a Session Replay simply by clicking the Favorite (star) icon or selecting Favorite from the Session Replay menu. You will be presented with the following where you can simply add a reason for favouriting along with being able to choose the retention period of the replay before clicking Submit. Users need to be logged in to favorite a Session Replay, and can filter by these in Sessions by selecting Filters and then ticking “Show Favorites Only”. Once a replay has been favorited, a blue star will appear next to that replay in the Sessions list, and you can hover over this star to see who it was favorited by, along with the date and reason for Favoriting.

Adding Multiple Replays to Favorites

You can add multiple Session Replays to Favorites from the Sessions dashboard. Simply click the checkbox next to the relevant replay or replays that you want to favorite, and a blue bar will appear with a number of options (above). Simply click the blue Favorite button to add these replays to your Favorites.

Add to Favorites using JavaScript

You can also add a JavaScript API call to your website to indicate that a Session should be added as a favorite when it is processed using one of the examples below. This is useful for those that want to Favorite sessions based on particular behavior, for example clicking to leave survey feedback or visiting a particular page. There is also an additional parameter that can be set to indicate the number of months that you want to the Session to be favorited for, with the options being 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24. If no number is added, then the Session will be retained indefinitely.

// Mark the session to be added as a favorite.

// Mark the session to be added as a favorite and stored for 3 months.
decibelInsight('setFavorite', 3);

Removing From Favorites

To remove a Session Replay from favorites, simply click the Favorite icon in the replay or select Favorite from the replay menu, and then click the Remove from favorites button.

Removing a favorite will also remove it from your allowance. You can see how much of your allocated allowance you are using in Archive Statistics.