Decibel Insight

Dynamic v Tagged Forms

Decibel Insight can dynamically collect all forms on a website, however if forms don't use a conventional structure, it may be necessary to tag them so that the collected data is meaningful. Forms that are dynamic may be repeated multiple times in the Forms dashboard due to the fact they may have different fields for different user options. This is where we recommend tagging the forms manually. You can determine whether our script collects forms dynamically or just those that are tagged when you view forms for the first time by selecting Custom Setup (tagged) or Automatic Setup (dynamic), or at a later time in Form Settings and then selecting your choice from the Form Collection drop down (see below).

Find out more about how to implement form tagging here.

F.A.Q. I have changed my form collection from dynamic to tagged, can I remove the old data?

Please note: If you have dynamic form collection set up and have forms tagged, our script will collect the tagged forms as well as those that have not been tagged.