Decibel Insight

Form Data

All form data can be seen on the Forms dashboard (above). This dashboard will show you the form name, and if that form is part of a group, along with data regarding that form. This includes the number of users that engaged with the form in the selected period along with the engagement rate in brackets, the average time spent on the form by users, the completion rate percentage, and the percentage of users who receive a validation error. You can see a more detailed version of this data by clicking on the blue arrow related to the form you want to find out more information on, where you will see the following information (below).

You can click on any of the underlined metrics to see the Session Replays of users who match that metric.

Engagement shows the number of visitors who interact with the form itself, while the number of visitors who viewed the form, i.e. been on the page that the form is on and had it in view, can be seen below. Next to this you can also see the engagement rate percentage, which is measured as the percentage of users interacting with the form out of those who view the form.

Abandonment rate shows the percentage of users that started the form but didn’t finish it, and what percentage abandoned with and without validation errors.

Time taken shows the average time it took to complete the form, again with or without errors, and also the average time spent before abandoning.

Validation errors shows the percentage of users that encountered validation errors, along with if users encountered one or more error, and the average number of errors, while completion rate shows the percentage of users that completed the form, with and without validation errors.