Decibel Insight

Form Elements

You can look at form data at a field level by clicking the Form Elements tab when viewing a form. This will show all of the fields in the form along with their data, such as the type of input (text, email, radio button etc.), how many users engaged with the form (i.e. typed or clicked in a field), the average delay from when a user clicked or tabbed into the input before they started typing, how long it took the user on average to complete the field, the change rate (i.e. what percentage of users came back to a field and amended it), the error rate which shows the percentage of users receiving validation errors on that field, along with the abandonment rate (i.e. percentage of users that engaged with the field but did not enter a value). Clicking the blue arrow next to a field will go into even more detail about the particular field, as displayed in the image below.

You can click on any of the underlined metrics to see the Session Replays of users who match that metric, while you can also export the Session data of any sessions matching with the selected metric.

Along with information that has previously been displayed such as engaged and delay, average time spent determines the average time users spend on that particular field, while change rate is also explained above. Completion rate shows the percentage of users that completed the field. Abandonment rate is the percentage of users engaging with the field but not entering a value, average errors is the average number of validation errors occurring in that element, error rate is the percentage of users engaging with that field receiving validation errors, while completion time shows the average time it takes for users to complete the field, along with the minimum and maximum time taken to complete it.

Hovering over the tooltips next to each metric title will explain it in further detail.