Decibel Insight

Grouping Forms

Grouping forms allows you to see the data of multiple forms combined into one. For example if you have similar forms on different pages, you can combine these into groups to view the data for this type of form overall. You can see your form Groups by clicking the Groups button. To add forms to groups, simply click the check box to the left of the form you want to add to a group. A black bar will appear asking whether you want to add this to an existing group or if you want to create a new group (see below). If you have created groups previously, you can find the relevant group from the drop down and click Add, or you can create a new group by typing the name of the new group in the relevant box and clicking Create new group. Adding a form to a new group doesn’t mean you can no longer look at it individually, you can still do this by viewing the form under All Forms.