Decibel Insight

Segments Summary

Advanced segmentation gets you up close and personal with your audience. It allows you to cut and dice to examine the user data for the exact reason you want to.

For example, you could create a segment for all of your repeat visitors - those visitors who are coming back to your site for the second (or third or fourth...) time. Or you could create a segment for visitors who have come to your website through a Google search.

Once you've identified a useful segment, you can use our suite of Heatmaps to track exactly how visitors perform in that segment. You can also compare how the segment's performance compares with others or your audience as a whole through the Segments dashboard which can be found at any time by clicking Segments from the left hand menu. That data can be used to prioritise the audiences that really perform, optimise for members of different groups, and tailor your website to extract the most value that you can from it.

Segments can be layered with as many filters as you want, and are also retrospective, meaning you don’t need to wait for new data to see how these segments are working. They will be applied to all existing data in your account.