Decibel Insight

Cloning Segments

Segments can easily be cloned in the Segments dashboard by clicking the Clone icon (squared). You may want to clone a segment if you’re creating a number of different segments with similar criteria and don’t want to go through the process of adding these filters again, or you may have multiple websites in your account and want to clone segments across these. After clicking the Clone icon, you will be presented with the Duplicate Segment screen (below), here “-copy” will be added to the segment name which you can change, while you can select the Website that you want to clone it to by clicking the Website dropdown menu (if keeping in the same property then you don’t need to edit this). Descriptions are optional, while you can decide to keep the segment private or share it with others and also edit or add any additional filters before clicking Duplicate Segment.

Please note: Segments pulled from Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics cannot be cloned in Decibel Insight.