Decibel Insight

Show/Hide Adobe Analytics & Google Analytics Segments

Hiding Segments

When implementing our integration with Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, you may import more segments than you need, or import irrelevant segments that you do not want to use. You can easily set Segments to be “Hidden” by clicking the Edit button next to the relevant segment, and then ticking Share this segment with others (below), followed by Save. This will remove these Segments and stop data being recorded against them.

Showing Hidden Segments

To display Segments in Decibel Insight that have previously been hidden, either using the method above or by automatically Hiding new Adobe Analytics Segments, you can very simply select the Filters dropdown in your Segments dashboard, and tick Show hidden segments before clicking Apply changes. This will result in your hidden segments being shown.

Similarly to above, simply click the Edit icon next to the relevant Segment that you want to unhide.

You will now be presented with the following (below). Simply untick the Hide this segment checkbox before clicking Save. The data for this Segment will be processed the next time that data is fetched from the respective integration.