Decibel Insight

Funnels Summary

Funnels visualise the flow of visitors through a defined path on a website. Once a funnel is configured, Decibel Insight tracks the visitors who enter, progress through, abandon or complete a journey through every step in it. Just like Segments, funnels are retrospective, so you won't need to wait for new data to arrive to see how the funnel is performing.

The resulting visualisation shows the proportion of visitors that progress from one stage to the next, as well as the proportion of visitors that drop out between each stage. Funnels are based on users following a particular path, so if a user views the page or achieves the goal set in stage 1 but not in stage 2, they will be classed as leaving. Users don't have to follow the funnel path precisely as it is set out, for example, a user could view the page set out in stage 1, then view another page, and then view the page in stage 2. This user would match the funnel criteria.

Funnels can help you to understand the journeys your website visitors take to reach conversion, and from that understanding draw conclusions about the different ways visitors use your website, seek information, and reach a decision about how to purchase.

By defining different journeys through the website and seeing how commonly users take those journeys, or abandon them, you can develop insight into the best way to improve site navigation and information architecture.