Decibel Insight

Creating Funnels

Funnels can simply be created by clicking the Add Funnel button on the blue bar at the top of the page. From here you can assign a name to the Funnel as well as adding your specific filters by clicking the Add Filters button. You can re-arrange the order of the funnel by simply clicking and dragging a filter up or down. Filters can be edited and deleted by clicking the respective buttons, while you can also name the steps of the funnels by clicking the Rename button, and once you are happy with the filters and their respective order, click Create Funnel. Just like segments, Funnels are retrospective so you don’t have to wait for new data to come in after creating one.

Please note: Funnels are limited to a maximum of ten steps.

There are four types of Filters that you can currently add to Funnels, while these have a number of options.


When adding Filters, a number of Filter criteria will represent you with a number of options, such as the following:


Please note: Funnels do not have to start with an Entry page and finish with an Exit page, these are optional. Every filter could be Pages viewed or Goal, meaning users in the funnel could have visited pages before entering the funnel, and could have visited pages after reaching the final page of the funnel.