Decibel Insight

Session Replay Tagging

Session Replay Tagging is a great way of adding keywords to replays to make them easier to find in future. Tags can be added to any replay and can be searched for using Session Filters.

Creating Tags

Ensuring you are logged in, you will then be able to tag any Session Replay. While watching the replay, simply open the menu and navigate to Tags. From here, you will be able to add any tags to the selected replay by simply entering the text into the Tags field, selecting the text that is displayed in the dropdown, and then clicking the Save Tags button. You can add multiple tags to replays.

Once a Session has been tagged, a blue tag icon will appear next to the relevant Session in the Sessions Dashboard. Simply hover over the blue icon to reveal the tags for that replay. If there are multiple tags for a replay, these will all display, separated by a comma.

You can also Tag individual and multiple sessions from the Sessions Dashboard by clicking the checkbox next to a Session and then clicking the Tag button, such as below.

You will then be presented with the Tag dropdown that allows you to add multiple tags to the session(s) that you have selected. This includes pre-defined tags that you have previously used. Simply add the Tags to the textbox and then click Add Tags.

Searching by Tags

You can search for replays by a specific tag using the Filters dropdown within the Sessions Dashboard. Simply select Filters and then ensure Tag is selected from the Search dropdown (see image below, this is usually IP Address by default) and then type the relevant tag that you want to search for. Once happy, click Apply Changes and this will show all of the Sessions that have been tagged within the date and filter range.

Editing and Removing Tags

You can edit the tags of any replay at any time by selecting Tags from the Session Replay menu of the relevant replay. From here you can remove tags by clicking the x icon next to the relevant tag. Once happy, click Save tags.