Decibel Insight

Page Performance Reporting

Our Page Performance Reporting allows you to see which Pages are taking the longest on average to load, along with which countries and operating system & browser combinations cause page slowness. You can access this by going to Technical > Page Performance from the left hand menu.

As well as showing the Performance summary, which displays an average wait time and an average load time, that you can filter via Segment and/or a set period. The Page Performance dashboard shows you the three types of reports that you can see. Clicking the blue arrow next to the relevant report will bring you a dropdown of the 50 worst performing Pages, Countries and Operating System & Browsers, sorted by the highest average load time.

In this example, we are looking at the worst performing Pages. The data is sorted by the combination with the highest average wait time, however, this can be changed by clicking the relevant arrows next to each header, while you can also see the total number of page views for that particular combination.

You can download the data of these reports at any time as a CSV or JSON file. More information can be found in Exporting Error Reports.