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Capture and Store Decibel Session ID in Invoca.

As part of Decibel’s tracking, Decibel creates and sets a web-session based unique Decibel Session ID.  In order for Invoca to link Calls & Signals to the Decibel tracked session, Invoca must capture the Decibel Session ID.  Here are the steps to configuring this in Invoca. 

  1. Follow these steps to create a new Marketing Data field with the following options:

    Type: Short-text field 
    Partner (API) Name: decibel_session_id
    Friendly Name: Decibel Session ID
    Attribution model: Last Touch

  2. Next, let’s update your Invoca Tag to properly utilize your new Marketing Data field. 
    1. In the Marketing Data table, find “decibel_session_id” and click the “Enabled” slider to enable your Tag to capture the Decibel Session ID.  
    2. Set the Data Source Type to JavaScript Data Layer.  
    3. In the Data Source Name box insert the required function to capture the value:
    4. Save and Go Live.  

Create Custom Dimensions in Decibel.

In order to send Invoca Signals to Decibel, you will need to create a Custom Dimensions for each value you would like captured.

Create an Invoca webhook to send data to Decibel.

Next, you will need to create new webhooks in your Invoca account to send your call and phone-based conversions to Decibel in order to connect the phone call to the online web session (that drove the call). 

Webhook to send Signals (Call Outcomes) as Custom Dimensions to Decibel

You will need to create one webhook for each type of Invoca Signal you’d like to send to Decibel:

Using the integration in Decibel


Once the Invoca webhooks are active, Invoca will start sending calls & signals to Decibel. With these values are then captured as Custom Dimensions in Decibel within a Session, you will be able to see those values in Decibel on the Session Details Page.


In order to maximise the advantage of Invoca Data signals in Decibel, you will want to create some Segments. Segments will allow you to see aggregated metrics such as DXS as well as inspect behaviour trends. Segments may also be applied as filters to any reporting in Decibel such as Journeys, Form Analysis, Heatmaps and more. E.g you may wish to create a segment for website visitors who placed an order via telephone.

To create a Segment using Invoca data, within your Decibel account: