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The Properties section of Settings allows you to make a number of configuration changes to the properties available in your account, along with the ability to add or delete any properties. This can be found by going to Settings > Properties.

A property can include an unlimited amount of domains or sub-domains. Data will not be separated in different views if all domains are included in the same property. To separate data by domains, you will need to use the Domain filter when creating a segment.

You can only integrate one type of integration per property (i.e. if you have different Google Analytics profiles for different domains under the property, you would only be able to configure the integration for one of the domains).

Sampling can only be adjusted for the property as a whole. If you have multiple domains under a property, the sample rate that you set will apply to all of these domains. To configure a different sample rate for each domain, you would need to configure these as separate properties.

User access can also only be restricted by property, as opposed to domain. Users can have access to multiple properties, however, their permissions will be the same for all websites within a property.

All domains listed under a property will have the same tracking code, while every different property will have its own unique tracking code.

To edit a Property and see all of its configuration settings, simply click the Edit icon next to the relevant property (see below).

The following can be configured from the Properties section:

F.A.Q. Why can I not add more domains or users?