Decibel Insight

Site Minder Authentication

Decibel Insight now allows you to enable Site Minder Authentication on your account, providing an additional layer of security for your data.

Enabling Site Minder Authentication

To enable Site Minder Authentication, simply navigate to Settings > Security. Under Authentication Providers, select Site Minder and then tick the Site Minder Integration Enabled checkbox. From here, you will need to add the relevant settings to enable the integration.

You will need to provide the Site Minder Host, API ID and Resource that will be used to make the connection, while the Site Minder Port is optional.

Finally, the request timeout defines the time that the Decibel Insight app waits to connect to the Site Minder server for a response before abandoning. Once configured, click Save.

Using Site Minder Authentication

To being using Site Minder Authentication, you will need to create a Role with a Group name that matches the relevant group name in your Site Minder account. You can find out more about creating Roles here.

When adding users to the account, you will need to select Site Minder from the Authentication Provider drop-down, before also adding their Site Minder username. The Access for the user will be defined from the Role created. Once done, click Save User.