Decibel Insight


The Privacy tab for properties can be found by clicking the Edit icon next to the relevant property that you want to edit in the Property Settings dashboard, which can be found by going to Settings > Properties from the left hand menu, before clicking Privacy where you can configure a number of privacy settings.

Set Cookies

This option, ticked by default, will determine whether users are tracked by a Decibel cookie or not. If this is disabled, Decibel will not automatically be able to detect return visits and stitch together sessions for the same visitor.

IP Address Handling

Provides a drop down menu that allows you to specify how Decibel will handle IP addresses for tracked visitors. This provides the following options:

Masking and Unmasking

Masking and unmasking can be configured from within the Privacy tab. Find out more about configuring masking here, and about configuring unmasking here.