Decibel Insight

Configuring Unmasking

By default, all information entered into forms by visitors is masked on the visitor's browser, and never sent to Decibel Insight. In some cases where fields do not contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), it may be desirable to record this information to assist with behavioral analysis.

This can be figured in the Un-mask Field Selector, which can be found in the Privacy tab of Property Settings. This can be navigated to by going to Settings > Properties from the left hand menu, clicking Edit next to the relevant property that you want to set up unmasking for.

In the Unmasking Field Selector text box, enter a CSS selector defining the fields that should be unmasked. For example, the CSS selector “[name="company"],.noPII” would unmask any fields with a name attribute matching “company” or a class matching “noPII”. The Unmasking Field Selector applies to all forms being tracked on the property.


You can also add the attribute data-di-unmask-field to any fields in the HTML.

Once you have added these, simply click Apply Changes.

Please note: As the Decibel Insight masking algorithm is not reversible, this change will not be retroactive and will only apply to session recordings going forward.