Decibel Insight

Heatmap Settings

Heatmap Settings can be configured in Property Settings. This can be found by going to Settings > Properties and clicking the Edit icon next to the relevant property and then clicking the Heatmap tab. From here, you can configure a number of settings.

Fixed Element Selector

This is the point from which our Dot Heatmap calculates where to base the co-ordinates on a Heatmap to display these correctly. The Fixed Element Selector should be set to the highest level div or class within the website, usually this will be a logo.

In cases where multiple templates are used on a single Property, it is possible to implement multiple Fixed Element Selectors by separating them with a pipe (|) character. In this case, the first matching selector for a page will be used.

Attribution Heatmap Selector

The Interaction Selector determines what clicks are counted towards the Attribution Heatmap. In the example above, it is set to anything with an anchor tag (a), along with any input type that is labelled as submit or button. You can also add classes to the selector that you can then add to elements.

Attribution Heatmap Colour

This determines the colour that you see the Attribution Heatmap in. The more transparent a colour, the less clicks that piece of content received. It is usually recommended to pick a solid colour for this rather than multi colour. This can also be configured when viewing an Attribution Heatmap.