Decibel Insight


Decibel Insight’s role-based access control allows scaling from single account holders through to large teams with varying responsibilities. Multiple named accounts may be created with only the relevant roles assigned to each account.

Users can be found by navigating to Settings > Users from the left-hand menu.

You can also find a breakdown of user login activity in the Login Report.

Adding Users

To add a User, simply click the Add User button, where you will be presented with the following menu. You will be required to add the name and email address of the user under General

Under User Type, select the type of user that you would like to add from the options of Primary (ability to be provided with access to all features and permissions of the app), Secondary (unable to have access to Property Settings or Support) or Tertiary (only able to access Sessions and Session Replays but still have the ability to filter these via Segments). You will also see how many licenses you have remaining for each user type.

Under Access, you can also configure their account settings, either assigning a user Custom permissions, or pre-defined Roles using the Role drop-down. Selecting Administrator gives the user full rights to add permissions and properties within the account.

You can configure the permissions of the user, for example, only giving them access to Form Data, and you can specify the Properties that they have access to also. Once happy, click Add User. They will now receive an email with instructions on setting the password for their account. This email will be sent from, so please ensure the recipient is able to receive emails from this address, and advise to check any junk/spam folders that they may have. The link to create the account will last for 24 hours, after which the token will expire and you should use the Forgotten Your Password? section of the app to re-generate this token.


The Administrator role provides access to administration functionality including the creation and configuration of properties and user accounts. Feature roles allow granular access to specific features and reports to be granted on a user-by-user basis. Property roles restrict the properties to which each user has access.

Users can be assigned the following permissions:

Editing Users

To edit users details and their permissions, simply click the Edit icon (above) where you will be presented with the same options that appear when creating a user. Once happy with your changes, click Save User.

Removing Users

To remove a users access from your account, simply click the Delete icon next to the relevant user in the Users and Access dashboard. Deleting a user will not remove any Segments or Funnels created by that user.