Decibel Insight


Channels are sources that bring traffic to your website. There are a number of default channels that are pre-configured in Decibel Insight, for example, Google, Google PPC, Facebook, Bing etc. You can see the list of channels for each property by going to Settings > Channels.

These channels can be used in Segments and enable you to see the traffic source that the user visits the website from. You can create Custom Channels at any time by clicking the Add Channel button, where you will be presented with the following.

When creating, you can assign a name to a channel which will then display in Segments along with the Sessions dashboard. You can then assign a type (Search Engine, Social Media, Advertising, Website) before adding the URL that you want to create the channel for, while you can also add a keyword parameter. This parameter name will be used to extract a keyword from the URL if available.

You can add multiple URLs per channel, while you can also use regex in the URLs text field. Once happy, click Save Channel.