Decibel Insight

Can I sample collection on properties?

Your subscription will include a limit on the number of pageviews that may be collected and retained on a monthly basis. If this limit is less than the total volume of traffic received by your website, it is important to configure the sample rates to ensure that this allowance is not completely used before the end of the month.

If sampling is enabled on your Enterprise account, this can be edited at any time under Collection Sample Rate inside Property Settings, which can be found by going to Settings > Properties and clicking the Edit icon next to the relevant property that you want to configure sampling for. Once happy, click Save Property.

The Collection Sample Rate controls the number of visitor sessions that are selected for tracking by Decibel Insight. A Collection Sample Rate of 50%, for example, would track every second visitor to the website, while a sample rate of 0.1% would track one out of every 1000 visitors. Please note, the lowest Collection Sample Rate that can be set is 0.0001.  

Please note: If any of the above options do not appear, they may not have been enabled on your subscription. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss available sampling options.