Decibel Insight

Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics integration allows you to pull through segments created in Google Analytics and use them in Decibel in the same way you would use segments created in the app. You can segment Sessions and Session Replays, Heatmaps, Forms and much more.

To enable the integration, begin in Google Analytics and navigate to Admin along the header. In the Property column, select Custom Dimensions.

Click New Custom Dimension.

Add a name and ensure you select Session from the Scope drop-down and ensure the Active checkbox is ticked. Now click Create.

You will now see the Custom Dimension in the list. Be aware of the Index of this, as you will need it in Decibel.

In Decibel, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Analytics. Click Google Analytics Integration Enabled and then Grant Access. Please note: You may need to disable ad-blocker to ensure this dialog box appears.

A dialog box will appear asking you to grant access to your Google account, click Accept.

Select the type of Google Analytics you use, either Universal Analytics or Google Analytics (Asynchronous). The Global function name is only relevant for those using Universal Analytics, and should only be updated if the global function name has been changed from the default 'ga'. The tracker name is only required if the tracker name has been changed from its default. For Universal Analytics, the first available tracker will be used if no tracker name is provided. If the tracker name is unknown but is stored in a JavaScript variable, this can be provided in the Tracker name variable field.

Profile ID will automatically be filled out when granting access to your Google account, although if you have multiple, you can select the appropriate one for your property in the drop down menu. Dimension/Custom Variable No. is the index of the custom dimension that was created earlier.

Once happy with your integration settings, click Save. Decibel  runs nightly checks for Google Analytics integration data, so upon enabling the integration, you will need to wait up to 24 hours for your segments and relevant data to come through.

Once the implementation has been setup, you can begin to use your Segments in Decibel. See below for further information regarding using Google Analytics segments.

Viewing Decibel Session Replays from Google Analytics

To view Decibel Session Replays from within Google Analytics, simply create a Custom Report that includes the same Custom Variable/Dimension that you used to set up the integration between Google Analytics and Decibel when defining your dimension. You will need to have the Decibel Heatmap Helper Extension installed, and once it is, you will be able to see that all of the Session IDs become links which, when clicked, will take you to the relevant Session Replay for that session.