Decibel Insight

Support Tickets

If you ever have any issues with your Decibel Insight account, need help using a feature or during implementation, or would like to raise a feature request, you can get in touch with our technical support team by raising a support ticket.

The Support area of the app can be found by going to Help > Support where you will be presented with the following dashboard, showing any tickets that are currently open.

Creating Tickets

Tickets can be created at any time in the app by clicking the Buoy icon (below, squared), which will take you to the ticket creation portal, and will also provide the Decibel Insight support team with all of the information on the configurations you have present (Period, Segments applied etc.) along with attaching a screenshot of the app at the time of creating the ticket. The Buoy icon can also be found in the Session Replay player, and using this will automatically share the URL of the replay that you are viewing when creating the ticket.

You can also create a ticket in the Support area by clicking the Create Ticket button, where you will be presented with the following screen (below).

You will first need to select a ticket type from the dropdown menu. Tickets can have the following type:

Now select the particular feature that this issue is related to (i.e. Session Replays, Heatmaps, Configuration etc.), unless you have used the Buoy icon which will pre-populate this, before you will be presented with additional options.

You will need to write a description of the issue or request in the Description text box, ideally with as much detail as possible to help our support team identify the issue or understand the request and provide a detailed solution/response.

If the issue is only specific to a specific browser or set of browsers, you can let us know in the Browser text box, while you can also specify the property that this is related to in the Property drop-down.

Support ticket emails are sent to the ticket creator along with the Decibel Insight support and account management team. If there are any other users of the account that you would like to be included on the email correspondence of the ticket, you can add these in the Additional Recipients field. Finally, if you would like to upload an attachment to the ticket, you can do so by clicking the Upload attachment button.

Once happy, click the Confirm button and the ticket will be created. You will receive an email to confirm this, along with any other users added as additional recipients. You will also now receive email alerts for all correspondences that are added to the ticket by our support team or by other users.

Responding to Tickets

All recipients will receive email updates upon any comments being added to the app, both from other users or from the Decibel Insight support team. The email will contain the comment along with a link to the ticket which you can click and be taken to the latest comment after logging in.

Alternatively, you can view tickets by clicking the blue arrow next to the relevant ticket from the support dashboard, where you will be presented with the following screen (below), which contains all comments that have been added to the ticket.

To add a new comment to a ticket, simply click the Add comment button, where you will be able to add any comments along with attachments. Click Confirm to add your comment to the ticket. Again, our support team will receive your comments along with any recipients that have been added to a ticket.

Closing Tickets

If you are happy that your issue has been resolved, you can close a ticket by clicking the Close ticket button before adding a comment and clicking the Confirm button.

Please note: If a ticket has been responded to by a support user asking for further information or to say that the issue has been resolved and there has been no response for five days, the ticket will automatically close.

Applying Filters to Tickets

You can filter between tickets that are open or closed, as well as by ticket creator using the Filters menu. In the support dashboard, click the Filters button where you will be presented with the following menu.

Status allows you to filter the ticket status (open or closed), while Property allows you to filter by tickets created for a particular property.. Once happy, click Apply changes to apply the filter.

Re-opening Tickets

If a ticket requires re-opening due to the fact the issue has not been resolved or if the issue has re-occurred, you can re-open this by clicking the blue arrow next to the relevant closed ticket and then clicking the Reopen ticket button, before adding a comment and any attachments and clicking Confirm.