Decibel Insight

Why do some sessions have blue play buttons and others have grey play buttons?

In the Sessions dashboard, you can view Session Replays by clicking the blue Play button under Actions for each session. You will occasionally see a grey play button instead for some sessions. These are Session Replays that you are unable to play, either because the journey was not able to be recorded, or because the browser on which the journey occurred is not supported for Session Replay recording, or due to the fact that the replay has been deleted as per your account's retention settings.

Hover over the play button to see the relevant message as to why you cannot play the Session Replay.

You can also use the Session Filters to only show playable sessions by ticking "Show visitors with replay only".

You can find out more information about the devices and browsers on which Decibel Insight can be used, both for the collection of data from website visitors, and for access to the reporting functionality of the tool in our Browser and Device Support Guide.