Decibel Insight

Passing User IDs

You can pass a custom User ID for visitors to your property using a Decibel JavaScript API call. This User ID is then associated with the visitor and can enable you to see visits from the same user across different devices.

User IDs do not need to be configured in Decibel as the API end point is already configured. The JavaScript call to pass the User ID simply needs to be implemented on your property.

The user ID is usually an ID generated from a website's login area, and can be used to enable integration of Decibel data with existing internal systems such as CRM.

The example below shows a User ID being sent from the JavaScript data later:

// Assign a customer ID from the JavaScript data layer as the Decibel Insight User ID.
decibelInsight('updateUserId', dataLayer.customerId);

You will then be able to see the User ID displayed in the Sessions dashboard, as well as being able to search by the User ID in Filters.