Decibel Insight


Our Appsee Integration allows you to see Appsee Session Replays from within Decibel Insight, enabling you to see how users are performing with your native apps.

Enabling the Integration

The Appsee integration can be enabled within the Decibel Insight reporting application. Before beginning, you will need to retrieve your API Key and Auth Token from your Appsee account.

Navigate to Settings > Integrations from the left hand menu before clicking on the Analytics tab and selecting Appsee, where you will be presented with the integration screen (below).

Click the Appsee Integration Enabled checkbox before entering your Appsee API Key and Auth Token. Once complete, click Save to complete the integration configuration. 

Using the Integration

To see sessions in Decibel Insight that contain Appsee replays, head to the Sessions dashboard and click the blue arrow next to a relevant session.

This will bring up the Session details for that particular session, and if there are any Appsee sessions related to that user, you will be able to see these by clicking the Appsee sessions button.

You will now be able to see all of the Appsee sessions related to this user, and can click on the Play button to view these session replays.

Disabling the Integration

You can disable the Appsee integration at any time by going to the Appsee integration settings area and clicking the Delete button.