Decibel Insight

Implementing Using Tealium

Begin by logging in to Tealium and navigating to the Tags tab.

Now click the blue Add Tag button.

In the Tag Marketplace pop up, use the Search bar to find Decibel, and click the green Add button.

Give the tag a relevant title, before adding your Property ID and the Account ID text box under Vendor Configuration. Your property ID  and account ID can be found in the app by going to Settings > Tracking Code. The 'da-' from the Account ID should not be used. Select the publish locations and any notes or advanced settings before clicking Next.

If needed, you can now select the Load Rules to define what pages you want the Decibel script to fire on and collect information for. If you want our script to fire on all of the pages on your property, then simply tick Load on All Pages, or create a relevant rule to define what pages you want to collect data for before clicking Finish.

To publish the script to your property, click the orange Save/Publish button in the top right hand corner of the screen where you will then be shown the following.

Add a title and any relevant notes before selecting the appropriate environment that you want to publish this to. In the above examples we have selected Production, meaning that we will be publishing to the live website. Once happy, click Publish.